I am Laura "Laury" Munoz, a Uruguayan-Spanish 2:1 graduate in Audiovisual Communications with four years of experience as a Photographer (Live Concerts) and Content Creator for different online culture magazines, print newspapers and the University of Malaga, where I did my internship at their Sustainability office.


At the moment I am based in Trowbridge (Wiltshire, UK), where I work as a bookseller and a freelance translator/transcriber (I can work to/from English, Spanish and French). In June 2017, I will be launching my booktube channel and blog, "The Paper Booklight", which appears from the idea of combining both my passion for books and audiovisual content creation.

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I am a passionate, resourceful and multilingual (I speak Spanish *native*, English and French plus Italian in a conversational level) professional with strong communication and customer services skills, experienced in working with different multidisciplinary teams and creating and delivering tailored quality content under pressure and tight deadlines.


I would love to work in projects on Media, TV and Events that involve experimenting with new technologies, creating mindblowing, inspirational content and communicating with people from around the world in different languages.


Would you like to have a chat with me? You can contact me via email, writing to lauramun13 {at} gmail {dot} com or hola {at} laurymunoz {dot} com